It’s a trap!!! Week 4 predications

I say "predictions" but it’s like predicting if Melvin Gordon will bust off a great run or fumble or both….no one knows and we’re just throwing darts at a board trying to guess.

What I do know is this has "Trap" written all over it.

A young Defense a bit full of itself after reading praise and Press all week about carrying the Offense.

A fierce rivalry with one opponent winless that’s fighting for their season.

A new head coach with something to prove against his former team.

A 2nd year shutdown corner going against the best receiver in the league. A receiver complaining about his catches.

One of the best TE’s in football which has been a tough position for Denver to defend the last few years.

There’s enough trap plot lines here view Vegas as the Deathstar and Denver as the Rebels with Hackett playing Admiral Akbar.

What Denver has going for it is they can crush the Raiders season and if they don’t fall into the trap ( well many traps) it’s gonna be a sweet, tasty victory..

I have faith in only two things: 1) The Denver Offense will show up against a weak raider Defense and paste a season high 27 points on them and 2) Hackett won’t have them prepared enough to evade the trap(s) and we’ll fall to 2-2 by a score of 31-27.

Feel free to body shame me, my kids or my girlfriend or just humiliate my fish, Pascal, until He/they ( yes my fish apparently uses pronouns) jumps the tank and seeks a better life elsewhere.

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