Do You Have One? You know you do!

It is Raider week Ladies! In Las Vegas no less. UGH!

Recently, for the first time since the onset of the pandemic, I was roaming the halls of my own personal happy space aka Caesar's Palace, and I saw it right there in plain view for everyone to see, and my heart immediately sunk. A Las Vegas Raiders store. It is horrifying!

So now, if it wasn't bad enough that the adult version of the Disney World has been tainted forever, you know what else is coming right?

Yep, that Raider fan(s) in your life will inevitably crawl out of their "Black Hole," and make sure that you know that they are still around.

These are not the same as bandwagon Chiefs or Chargers fans, they don't go away when their team is bad, they get even louder. It doesn't matter that the Raiders are 0-3 (that was fun to key in), and it doesn't matter that they haven't sniffed a Super Bowl win since 84! Twice a year they turn up in your life like a bad rash, and they only exist to be contrary. They don’t really love the Raiders; they just want attention. Nine times out of ten they can't even name 2 of their "Favorite Team's" offensive linemen. To me, that is the true litmus test. Most everyone can name Derek Carr but ask them to name 5 starters without a google assist and watch them squirm. Watch how many still think Kahlil Mack is on the team, or that Gruden is still the coach. It’s comical.

For most of my childhood down here in Southern Colorado, my parents expertly sheltered me from their existence. You know, like crime and sex and drugs. As I grew older though, they started to appear. A couple of guys in high school, a few more in college, then at the bars where we watched the games. Then, a boss at work, at a job I really needed at the time, and then his family. I escaped unscathed and still bleeding Orange. But now, I have a nephew, and some in-laws, at least 5 or 6 of them. Right here in Colorado. They teach it to their kids of all things.

The fact of the matter is that we all have them, and despite our best effort to maintain our dignity, deep down in our orange and blue hearts, we all think less of them.

Who is yours?

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