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Russell Wilson roasts Eli Manning: ‘You talking about Chad Powers? I’m 3-0 against Chad’

After saying the Denver Broncos should pay the punter $250 million, Russell Wilson notes he is 3-0 against Chad Powers.

During the Denver Broncos Sunday Night Football game, Eli Manning on ManningCast poked fun at Russell Wilson by saying the team should have paid their punter $250 million instead. It was a good line and a good burn considering the struggles Wilson and the Broncos offense has had to start the season.

However, Wilson shot back with a roast of his own on Wednesday. When asked about Eli’s comments he said, “You talking about Chad Powers? I’m 3-0 against Chad Powers.”

In case you are unaware of the Chad Powers reference, you missed one of the funniest skits in a while as Eli Manning transformed himself into a Penn State college walk-on named Chad. The whole video is downright hilarious, so if you haven’t seen it you won’t regret taking a peak here.

As for Russ, nice burn. That’s my quarterback! But he’s got to follow that up with a nice burn against the Las Vegas Raiders next week. Time for the offense to break out of this cocoon its been in to start the season.