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The time has come for the Broncos to face ‘he who must not be named’

In week 4 the Denver Broncos are set to face Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Rejoice, Broncos Country. It’s Raider Hater week!

In week 4, the Denver Broncos are flying out to Las Vegas to face Josh McDaniels’ Raiders.

Even typing his name pains me.

This is the first time the Broncos will be facing McDaniels in a head coaching role. Over the years, the Broncos played McDaniels’ New England Patriots offense, but that time has come and gone. McDaniels is now attempting a second shot at being a head coach (or technically his third shot if you want to count when he completely fleeced the Indianapolis Colts, but whatever.)

Regardless, his tenure with the Raiders is off to a bad start. The Raiders are currently 0-3, so they are heading into the matchup against the Broncos desperate for a win. The fact that it is a rivalry game, makes things even more tense.

To be honest, the Broncos haven’t really had smooth sailing either. However, they are 2-1 and tied for first in the AFC West (for now.) Despite the Broncos having the better record, they cannot overlook the Raiders. As much as it pains me to say this, the Raiders have somewhat had the Broncos' number over the past few seasons.

Losing to the Raiders drives me absolutely nuts. The Broncos need this win. If they lose to the Raiders, McDaniels will probably treat it like his own personal Super Bowl (despite the fact that they’d be 1-3.) My deep hatred for McDaniels aside, a win against a divisional foe is always good when it comes to end-of-the-season tie-breakers and playoff hopes.

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