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The Broncos can beat the odds with a win in Las Vegas

Denver sits atop the AFC West as a road dog to the 0-3 Raiders

Here’s a fun anomaly in the Denver Broncos matchup with the Las Vegas Raiders. Currently, the 2-1 Broncos are the underdog to the 0-3 Raiders.

At +2.5, the question on the bettors’ minds has to be, should Denver be the underdog? As Ian mentioned on Odds and Endzones in the last 33 years it has happened 35 times where the team without a win was favored by 2 or more. In those games, the favored 0-3 team has gone on to win just 11 times.

Obviously, there are several other factors that contribute to an 0-3 team being the favorite. Maybe the opponent is 0-3, too. Or a key injury may have played a factor. Still, looking at the Raiders and the Broncos, does this line make sense?

Honestly, as much as I want to rail on the oddsmakers for making my beloved Broncos the road dog, I can’t. I see it.

While Ian and I discussed the shortcomings of the Raiders on Odds and Endzones, I couldn’t help but think about the inept play from the Broncos offense in the first three weeks of the season.

Sure, Las Vegas had an epic collapse against the Cardinals, and were beat down by the Titans, and the Chargers defense forced several turnovers, but it’s not like the Broncos have been destroying teams to start the season.

And so we reach a moment where there has to be a decision. Do the books like the Raiders more because of their preseason hype? Are they scared away by Russell Wilson struggling to get going? Yes.

But we have seen flashes from the Denver offense, while the defense has been more than worthy of all the praise thrown their way. Without the defense, we are probably talking about two 0-3 teams.

Instead, the Broncos will have a chance to extend their lead in the AFC West, and take down the hated Raiders all in one week. And what better week for Wilson and the rest of the offense to finally click.