Raider Hater Week Yes I'm ma Raider Hater

Broncos Country DB4L UIO It's Raiders Week Will our offense wake up and come to life this week will we see Russ work his magic this Sunday evening I hope so because that's what we need in this offense Will Jalen Virigil get his chance to play we need speed can we depend on KJ I hope so Montrell Washington needs more snaps give Pookie the Ball The Tightends need more touches don't drop the Ball Do U hate The Raiders yes I'm ma Raider Hater yes I'm ma Raider Hater I hope you are a Raider Hater to It feels good to be a Raider Hater It feels good to be a Raider Hater I hope Coach Hackett Let's Russ do his thing because he's got to quite the Haters but I get it Haters gonna Hate but I get a flash of TO That's My Quarterback So Russ and the offense need to give' em a case of Holy S_ _ t Did Russ do that Like Russ is the KING AND HERE TO SET THIS SHIT RIGHT SUNDAY EVENING Cause the Raiders are Ripe for picking

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