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Can the Broncos defense keep up their historic pace to start the season?

The Denver Broncos defense has been on a tear, but can they keep the level of historic defensive play up much longer?

Before you get angry and call me a fake fan, this is a question I asked of the Denver Broncos defense throughout the 2015 season. Well, I think somewhere around Week 10 that season I stopped questioning if they could keep doing it. By then, it was clear that unit was something special. Through three games, this 2022 defensive unit looks special too. But we are a long way from Week 10. Can these guys keep it up again this week?

On the Dublin to Denver podcast above, the guys broke down the game with a heavy focus on the offense. In fact, that’s a big reason why I mentioned the 2015 season right off the bat. The last time an offense looked this inept and being propped up by a historic defense was that Super Bowl winning squad.

The caveat here is that Russell Wilson isn’t completely washed as Peyton Manning was in his final season, so there is hope that Wilson and Coach Hackett will finally start to gel at some point this season. It’s just a matter of how long can the defense hold the line and help stack wins early while the offense finds its legs.

What do you think? Let’s discuss in the comments below about the defense and what is realistic in terms of stacking these wins early while the offense is decidedly... unimpressive.