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What’s your Broncos’ fan origin story?

We all got to the Denver Broncos fandom somewhere. Let’s share those stories on this Labor Day as we look forward to Week 1!

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice Labor Day weekend in Broncos Country. Covering our morning news post today for Jess who is vacationing in some exotic locale (Massachusetts) and I thought why not talk about our Denver Broncos fan origin stories.

Mine began in early January of 1987. I was in second grade and living in Pagosa Springs, Colorado at the time. There was a big party of adults at my house and I remember not caring about the football game on. I spent much of the day playing outside like I usually did. However, kids tend to sense tension in the room. The tension was high when I was done playing outside walking through the living room. The cursing and disappointment.

So I sat down and watched John Elway drive the Broncos 98 yards to that incredible touchdown to tie the game against the Cleveland Browns. My parents were not Broncos’ fans, but everyone else there was obviously. The elation and joy everyone was feeling caught me up in it. I was hooked.

My family moved to Northern California later that year, but it didn’t matter. That Broncomaniac in me was already alive and breathing orange and blue.

Share your origin story in the comments section below.

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