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Ultimate Fan Guide series ready for serious contenders - just like the Broncos

It’s been a long time since the Broncos have had a W-L record worthy of this series. Luckily ultimate Broncos fans are here win or lose and the UFG is undefeated.

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Ohhhhh, ultimate fans...It’s been a long time since we’ve been rewarded for our tireless efforts with this series, but I have a good feeling about this season.

For one thing - for one very obvious thing - we have an elite quarterback. And not for nothing, but that also means we have a fan base that is not completely worn out and at each other’s throats by Week 1 over a QB “competition.”

The other obvious thing is that we have a new regime, and as much as I was not in the “draw and quarter Vic Fangio” camp, I have loved the refreshing atmosphere of the last nine months in Dove Valley.

And finally, we have some seriously fun young talent to go with our established vets on both sides of the ball. I’m sad to not start this season with Von Miller, but thrilled to have a stout defensive line that should be able to defend the run and get after the QB a lot better than last year. And watching Patrick Surtain solidify his path toward a Hall-of-Fame career is something I’m here for all day.

So enough of the sales pitch. You’re with me. Because you’re ultimate fans.

As I’ve mentioned many times, this is my absolute favorite post to write every week because no matter what is happening with the team, UFG writers always bring the goods - whether it’s humor, undying support, harsh critique or some of all three.

This Denver Broncos team should not just showcase an electric offense but should get back to being a fast and powerful defense - picking up where it left off last season and adding some pressure.

So let’s get to the fun part - signing up for your chance to comment on this team! *Editor’s note: Jason Ault asks me practically in February every year about doing Week 1, so I’m sorry for anyone who wanted that game; he got dibs. Next year, I’ll be accepting bribes for anyone who wants Week 1 and asks before August ;)

As usual, there are a few ground rules for this adventure.

IN-TER-ACT with each other. No more lurking. No more treating this post like a junior high dance where everyone just stands by the wall and sways and sings by him/herself. I know the new comment system is a b**** but that’s no excuse. Get out there and dance. And that goes MAINLY for the writers. I love having new people use this series as a jumping off point to get into the scrum, but you don’t just get to post your answers to me and then leave. RESPOND to all the awesome fans that are going to give you props!

BE RESPECTFUL. That shouldn’t have to be stated and it’s probably not an issue with the UFG, but given the contentious state of so much else, I’m just stating it as a warning :)

BE HONEST. I understand there is a certain amount of pressure from me to be “optimistic” about the team (because, yeah, I’m predicting 17-0 but whatever). You be you. I mean if you want to be the downer and pick a loss, who am I to stop you? lol. Just kidding. All critiques welcome. Except if yours is stupid and predicts a loss. No, I’m really just kidding. Mostly.

And here’s how the whole thing will work:

• Name the game/week that you’d like to “preview” in the comments

• First come, first served

• Up to two people per game (preferably AFTER all the games have been chosen)

• Bye Week is a legit week to comment.

• There will be an adendum for playoff games, but we don’t want to jinx that yet

Expect an email from me the week of your preview with the questions. THIS ONE IS SUPER IMPORTANT! You have to check the email that is listed with your SBN account because that is where I will get in touch with you. If you don’t hear from me by Wednesday (and let’s be honest, you probably won’t even though I always plan to send by then) you are more than welcome to email or DM me on twitter to remind me I am late ;) [ or @docllv]

• This year I’m adding some “backup QBs” in case the person signed up doesn’t sign up for that role if you don’t mind having to jump into the game mid-quarter.

OK, on your mark, get set, go!

Game Commenter
Week 1: Broncos at Seahawks on MNF JasonAult16
Week 2: Broncos v. Texans WesternAzBroncosfan44
Week 3: Broncos v. 49ers Uhmda Spicy
Week 4: Broncos at Raiders Slinky_Badger
Week 5: Broncos v. Colts on TNF Dondada64
Week 6: Broncos at Chargers on MNF DudaBronco
Week 7: Broncos v. Jets DBforlife
Week 8: Broncos at Jacksonville in London OrangeandBluesBros
Week 9: BYE Alexander Wall and Topher Doll
Week 10: Broncos at Titans KY Broncos Fan
Week 11: Broncos v. Raiders TheGueroLoco
Week 12: Broncos at Panthers kingbronco58 and BayAreaUnitedinOrange
Week 13: Broncos at Ravens drtacp
Week 14: Broncos v. Chiefs on SNF DailyDose
Week 15: Broncos v. Cardinals broncomack and Topher Doll
Week 16: Broncos at Rams on Christmas Day Flit007
Week 17: Broncos at Chiefs ToddusCraig
Week 18: Broncos v. Chargers DudaBronco
Backup QB mad horses
Backup QB
Backup QB

On to the UFG Selection via THE COMMENTS ... plus a little highlight video for fun.