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Secret Base video on Peyton Manning is dang good

YouTube account Secret Base dropped this great breakdown of Peyton Manning’s career. Worth checking out!

I’ve been a big fan of this Secret Base YouTube account for years. They do interesting breakdowns on all sorts of historic sports events, so when they dropped a video on Peyton Manning I was all over it.

Manning is one of the all-time greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He led two franchises to two Super Bowl appearances each. While with the Indianapolis Colts, his teams were consistently beaten by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. However, once he joined the Denver Broncos he found Tom Brady’s number leading the Broncos to two AFC championships in four seasons.

Whatever his playoff record was before his first playoff appearance, Peyton’s four Super Bowl appearances and two titles should quiet those one-and-done’s in his career. Oh and that last Super Bowl title helped him finish out his career with a winning record in the playoffs, so that sort of puts that playoff choker thing to rest as well.

It will likely be decades before Manning is even debated outside of the Top 3, much less the Top 5 in NFL history. His legacy is cemented.