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Emmanuel Sanders announces retirement from NFL

Former Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has retired from the NFL. He is retiring as a Denver Bronco.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

For 12 seasons, Emmanuel Sanders has contributed and been successful in the NFL. He told James Palmer of NFL Network during the playoffs last year that if the Buffalo Bills lost that game he would hang ‘em up.

He played for five teams during that 12-year career piling up 704 receptions for 9,245 yards and 51 touchdowns. While those may not quite be Hall of Fame type numbers, they are damn good. However, it was five and a half season stint with the Denver Broncos that seemed to bring him the most joy in the NFL as he will be retiring as a Bronco.

His two seasons with Peyton Manning culminated in a Super Bowl ring. He would continue to produce in Denver long after Peyton was gone piling up 404 receptions for 5,361 yards and 28 touchdowns. He was at his best when running with the orange and blue.

Sanders and Demaryius Thomas were quite the dynamic duo here. Every Broncos fan enjoyed the effort and success they had together. It’s awesome to see Emmanuel Sanders retiring as a Bronco today.