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Nathaniel Hackett reveals team captains

Players voted on their team captains for 2022. Here are the five team captains for the season.

Denver Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett revealed all five of the player-voted team captains earlier this week, which are as follows:

  • QB Russell Wilson
  • WR Courtland Sutton
  • K Brandon McManus
  • OLB Bradley Chubb
  • S Justin Simmons

Hackett also shared that the final team captains were not the only ones considered, and that several people were in a good position to be considered.

“I think the best testament was how many guys that had votes,” he explained, “It wasn’t just those five, it was numerous guys on the offensive line. We had a bunch of guys, and I think it’s just great to see there is so many people that believe in their teammates.”

The coach also discussed the importance of having your quarterback as a team leader, and of having him for the other athletes to depend on.

“I think you always want the quarterback to be one of those guys that you’re looking to. They are the ones that really roll with the whole offense and how the team plays,” he told the press, “I’m very glad he was voted the captain. In the end, it’s about who the players believe in.”

The organization doesn’t currently have a leadership counsel, Hackett said, but are going to focus on meeting with the captains. As far as how often, it’s going to be whenever needed.

“[We’ll meet] whenever I think is necessary. Like today, we’ll meet a little bit just because it’s just been announced. I don’t want just the captains, I want it to be the whole team,” he said, “If they have something, I want them to feel like they can come to me, along with the captains to be able to get what we need to get done for us and what is right for us.”

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