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The Broncos will put an exclamation point on Week 1

Look for Russ to cook, and KJ Hamler to have a nice return to the field.

Even though we have to wait all weekend to watch the Denver Broncos play, we have finally arrived at the start of the NFL season.

That’s right Broncos Country, let’s ride.

As we bask in the glow of the NFL sunrise, we also have the anticipation of the dawn of the Russell Wilson era in Denver. It feels good to go into a season with exactly zero questions at QB. It allows us to relax just a little.

With the QB question put to rest early, we also have the opportunity to look at other aspects of the team and make some predictions. On Broncos Odds and Endzones Ian St. Clair and I did exactly that.

The NFL has done us all a favor by starting the Broncos off with the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson gets his return to the city where he lead his team to a Super Bowl win (and a loss). He will get a chance to cook, as he wanted to do before he left Seattle, and the Broncos offense will get a chance to make a statement about how good they can be in 2022.

And Wilson isn’t the only player who is making a return. KJ Hamler will be back on the field for the Broncos, and that is where I went for my One Prop. Each week, Ian and I will preview the game, and discuss bets that might be fun to put on aspects of the Broncos games. One feature will be the One Prop.

For me, KJ Hamler as an anytime TD scorer at +235 was too good to resist. Wilson has the prettiest deep ball in the NFL. KJ Hamler is a burner. On his return to the field the opportunity to run past everyone and grab a TD pass will be there. I am looking forward to a bomb from Wilson to Hamler for 6.

This is going to be a fun weekend. Football is back, and the capstone on Week 1 is going to be the Broncos celebrating a big win in Russell Wilson’s old stomping grounds.