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Fan confidence in Broncos Country highest its been in years

The addition of Russell Wilson was the missing piece of the puzzle for this franchise and fans can feel that.

Over the last six seasons, we’ve been seeing peaks and valleys from our weekly fan confidence surveys. There would be weeks where Denver Broncos fans had hope that maybe the franchise was finally turning a corner only to have those hopes dashed and a losing streak setting off the negative returns on the survey results.

That seems to have finally ended. From the SB Nation Reacts survey we ran earlier this week, these are the highest numbers we have seen in years and I would expect them to remain high even if the team loses a game or two along the way.

It sure feels good knowing you have a franchise quarterback.

Now onto the game on Monday. The Broncos will be on the road to face Russell Wilson’s former team in the Seattle Seahawks. Denver is a commanding favorite to win and that is reflected by the predictions part of the survey here.

Personally, I have the Broncos beating the Seahawks 31-16. While I would hope for a bigger blowout, I do expect the Broncos’ offense to be a little flat after not playing at all during the preseason. Even so, the Seahawks are not a good football team right now and that should give Denver an easier path to victory.

How confident are you feeling right now in the Denver Broncos?