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NFL Power Rankings: Wild Card Weekend

Let’s take a look at the top teams heading into the first round of playoffs

New England Patriots (23) Vs. Buffalo Bills (35) At Highmark Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Well, that’s the 2022-23 NFL regular season in the books, and it was a pretty entertaining week of football to send us off. The Texans pull off the late comeback against the Colts to lose the 1st overall pick, the Jags go from last to playoff team, and the Cowboys are more than ready for the playoffs.

The AFC Playoffs look like they’ll be a lot of fun, as long as the conference championship game doesn’t end up at a neutral site. The Chiefs, Bills, and Bengals all have a great chance at taking home a Lombardi, so we are assured plenty of exciting match ups. Maybe except for the Bills vs Dolphins game, especially if Tua is still kept out.

There isn’t nearly as much parity in the NFC, as there’s realistically only a couple of teams with a chance of winning the Super Bowl: the 49ers and Eagles. Even though they didn’t snag the 1 seed, it seems like the Niners are the team to beat. Which sucks, considering Denver owns their 1st round pick.

The best part of the week, and likely the best part of the season has to be the Broncos getting it done against the Chargers. Apparently all it took was a brand new, $400,000 field, and letting Russ cook. The offense looks brand new with Outten, Kubiak, and Rosburg running things, and they’re working everything to the strengths of Wilson.

Competent coaching matters. And if this is what an average coaching staff can produce, imagine what a staff headed by Harbaugh or Payton could do. The future is (hopefully) bright for this franchise.

Who Says Football Isn’t Romantic: Bills opening kickoff return (it’s been 3 years and 3 months since they’ve last had one)

You Ruined Everything: Seattle Seahawks (the Lions should be biting postseason kneecaps)

Congrats, You Played Yourself: L.A. Chargers (played their starters, lost, and two of them got hurt)

Cowboys of the Week: Dallas Cowboys (lol Dak)

Losing by Winning: Houston Texans (Bears fans rejoice)

Super Wild Card Weekend Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 18)
Rank Team Previous (Week 18)
1 49ers Bills
2 Bills Chiefs
3 Chiefs 49ers
4 Bengals Bengals
5 Eagles Eagles
6 Vikings Cowboys
7 Jags Chargers
8 Chargers Packers
9 Giants Vikings
10 Bucs Lions
11 Ravens Ravens
12 Dolphins Dolphins
13 Seahawks Giants
14 Cowboys Patriots
15 Lions Seahawks
16 Packers Titans
17 Patriots Jags
18 Titans Jets
19 Steelers Bucs
20 Jets Steelers
21 Commanders Commanders
22 Panthers Saints
23 Saints Rams
24 Rams Panthers
25 Browns Browns
26 Broncos Raiders
27 Raiders Falcons
28 Falcons Cardinals
29 Texans Broncos
30 Cardinals Bears
31 Colts Texans
32 Bears Colts