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Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy are on their way to the top

Let’s take a look at your reactions to this week’s (possible) overreactions

Well, the 2022-23 season is now over, and I can’t decide if we entered the season or left the season with higher amounts of optimism. The Denver Broncos offense kicked things into gear after the firing of former coach Nathaniel Hackett, and they capped of the year with their best offensive game, in terms of both points scored and general feeling. And we witnessed Russell Wilson exploding out of the ashes, and saw possibly the rebirth of his career.

Look what happens when you put Wilson in a system that plays to his strengths. He throws 50 yard, pin point, bombs. All while on the run too. That Russ-Jeudy connection (let’s call them Juss, because they were juss playing some damn good football on Sunday) was incredible to watch on Sunday.

But you know it’s that time of the week where I gave Broncos Country three statements, at it was up to you to determine whether the statement was an overreaction or not. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with these weekly polls, and sound off in the comments below! I want to see what you think.

The Broncos will actually be Super Bowl contenders next year with either Jim Harbaugh or Sean Payton as a head coach

Now this definitely sounds like a stretch, and it likely is, but let’s think about what NFL pundits and fans where saying about this same Denver team before the year started. Even with a brand-new coaching staff that was inexperienced, and a new quarterback, playoffs were the expectation, and some talked about more. Imagine what a coach with a winning pedigree, and an experienced support staff, can do with all of the talent this roster currently holds. I can’t wait to see the kind of money the Walton's can throw around at free agent offensive lineman.

Poll results: Not an overreaction (67% of votes)

Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy will be a top 5 duo next year

As mentioned earlier, Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy had themselves a career performance on Sunday against the starters of the Los Angeles Chargers. The duo linked up for 154 yards on five catches, including a 57-yarder to set themselves up for a touchdown before the end of the first half. This year we got a glimpse at the potential that Jeudy holds. It mostly just took moving him to the outside where he can dominate DB’s with his speed and route running capability.

I can’t wait to continue to see this duo grow. They might not be near the top of the league, but they are on their way to striking fear into the secondary of whatever defense they go up against.

Poll results: Not an overreaction (51% of votes)

Latavius Murray is the best running back Denver has had (besides Javonte Williams) since CJ Anderson

I don’t know what possessed a 32 year old running back that went from a practice squad to a dumpster-fire of a team to play so hard, but I am so happy about the show that Latavius Murray gave us this year.

After signing Murray from the Saints practice squad, he amassed 827 scrimmage yards and five touchdowns over the span of just seven starts. The Broncos would’ve been justified to throw in the towel with their running back situation given Javonte Williams’ injury and horrible play of Melvin Gordon, but they managed (with sheer luck) to find a diamond in the rough. And now, I would love to have Murray back next year to serve as the back up to Williams.

Poll results: Not an overreaction (70% of votes)