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Super Wild Card Weekend: Chargers at Jaguars - Live Coverage

The Los Angeles Chargers didn’t rest their starters in the loss to the Denver Broncos last week and now play on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

For the second Super Wild Card game of the day, we’ve got the AFC West Los Angeles Chargers on the road against the AFC South division champion Jacksonville Jaguars. And, frankly, out of all the games this weekend I want to see the Chargers flop here after playing their starters in Week 18 for no reason other than to beat the Denver Broncos. They failed in that, but now the final 2022 bill will hopefully come due on that hubris.

That hope is bolstered by the fact that Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars are one of the hotter teams in the NFL. I think the Jaguars continue their hot streak one more week. They have won seven of their last night, so why not make it eight of ten today? I have the Jaguars coming out on top 30-27 over the Chargers.

Chargers vs. Jaguars