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NFL Power Rankings: Divisional Round

And then there were eight. How do the remaining teams stack up?

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In an immaculate turn of events, it wasn’t the Cowboys that managed to blow a playoff game in the most historic way possible this weekend. I still can’t believe that a 27 point 1st-half lead and four 1st quarter interceptions wasn’t enough for the Chargers. As Broncos fans, we all have to be thankful that Dean Spanos is notorious cheap, otherwise there’s a chance Brandon Staley gets canned and Sean Payton takes his talents to South (California) Beach.

Even with backup quarterbacks at the helm, it wasn’t too surprising to see the Dolphins and Ravens hold their own on the road. That’s just what happens when you’re divisional rivals, so there’s a reason the Bills’ and the Bengals’ positions weren’t affected. If only for the lower seeds that Mark Andrews was just a step faster, and Mike McDaniel could get a play call in with more than 10 seconds left on the play clock.

On a different note, we finally got confirmation of who the biggest regular season frauds were, and would you believe that it was the team that was at one point down 33 points to the Colts? Danny Dimes silenced all the haters, sunk the infamous playoff boat, and sent Minnesota packing early. There wasn’t a miracle play to save the Vikes this time.

Cody Parkey of the Week: Brett Maher (Four straight missed PATs. Wow.)

The Coolest Dude Ever: Brock Purdy (What a beast. Thanks for beating Seattle.)

1.0 TD to INT Ratio of the Week: Trevor Lawrence (That hair don’t care about the 1st quarter)

He Gone: Lamar Jackson (Have fun in New York)

Divisional Round Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 18)
Rank Team Previous (Week 18)
1 49ers 49ers
2 Bills Bills
3 Chiefs Chiefs
4 Bengals Bengals
5 Eagles Eagles
6 Giants +3 Vikings
7 Cowboys +7 Jags
8 Jags Chargers
Post-Wild Card Weekend
9 Vikings -3 Giants
10 Dolphins +2 Bucs
11 Ravens Ravens
12 Bucs -2 Dolphins
13 Seahawks Seahawks
14 Chargers -6 Cowboys
Non-Playoff Teams
15 Lions Lions
16 Packers Packers
17 Patriots Patriots
18 Titans Titans
19 Steelers Steelers
20 Jets Jets
21 Commanders Commanders
22 Panthers Panthers
23 Saints Saints
24 Rams Rams
25 Browns Browns
26 Broncos Broncos
27 Raiders Raiders
28 Falcons Falcons
29 Texans Texans
30 Cardinals Cardinals
31 Colts Colts
32 Bears Bears