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Denver Broncos projected 2023 NFL Draft picks

April is fast-approaching. Here’s an update on where the Denver Broncos first round pick is ahead of the NFL Divisional round.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While a good chunk of the league is focused on the postseason, those of us who are already in the offseason can focus on free agency and the NFL Draft. Think about it this way: we don’t have to be sitting in front of our televisions sweating bullets and yelling at players who can’t hear us, in hopes that we might make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

You really have to find the silver linings in everything.

Anyway, in anticipation for April 27th, enjoy a list of our CURRENT draft picks. You can find the first-round projected lineup on CBS Sports, and the entire projected lineup in this SI article.


  • 29 (from SF via Miami)


  • 68 (from Indy)
  • 69


  • 108


  • 140


  • 195 (from Pittsburgh)


  • 243 (from Minnesota)

Share Your Thoughts!

Now that we actually have a first-round pick, the draft prospects get a little more exciting and the stakes are obviously higher. Who do you want the Broncos to take in this year’s NFL Draft? Even if you don’t have players in mind, share the positions you see as a high need.

Welcome to the offseason (again).