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Cowherd: Russell Wilson has contacted Sean Payton; knows he needs fixing

The Denver Broncos and Sean Payton rumors are picking up a heck of a lot of steam and now Russell Wilson is apparently involved.

In an interesting clip from Colin Cowherd today, he talked about Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos. Specifically, he noted that Russell Wilson has contacted Payton directly and he also noted that Wilson knows he needs fixing.

“Russell Wilson has contacted Sean, legally, by the way, through channels,” Cowherd said. “He wants Sean Payton. He needs fixing. He knows he needs fixing.”

The pairing of Sean Payton and Russell Wilson with that defense could be an immediate kind of turnaround. The bigger deal is that with the richest owner in the NFL, they can snap the offensive line back in shape real quick in free agency. Even with the salary cap, Greg Penner could choose to be aggressive to work the cap with favorable signing bonuses to minimize cap hits. Teams have been using signing bonuses to manage the cap for years. The Broncos could easily free up $30M or more just by releasing Ronald Darby, Graham Glasgow, and Chase Edmonds. Fixing the offensive line is absolutely doable in short order, so relax on the salary cap concerns.

With all of the smoke building around Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos, it sure seems like he is the clear cut favorite at this point with several interviews still yet to take place with other candidates. Payton is also interview with the Carolina Panthers later this week, but Cowherd spoke about that too and why Denver should remain the more attractive option even with that interview.

It sure feels like the Broncos’ head coaching search is coming to a close here very soon.