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Should Denver have waited for Lamar Jackson?

Broncos Country determines whether or not these statements are overreactions

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports/ Lamar Jackson, Getty Images

We are about two weeks into the offseason now and Denver is in the midst of trying to figure out who the heck will be the next coach, who is going to hold the power over personnel decisions, and of course, Broncos Country is still divided on Russell Wilson. Is it a bad thing that the last 14 days have been more exciting than most of the season was? Let’s just hope that the Denver Broncos don’t lose out on both Harbaugh and Payton.

But it’s that time of the week where we take a look at your poll results that determine if the following statements are overreactions or not. Make sure to follow us on Instagram so you can make your thoughts known. And of course, sound off in the comments when you’re done reading.

George Paton should be fired if the Broncos don’t land Sean Payton or Jim Harbaugh

Well, one of the parts of this equation have already been figured out, so it seems like George Paton might have just one strike left. After taking a big swing and missing on Nathaniel Hackett, and with the Russell Wilson situation looking really risky (to say the least), a large chunk of Broncos Country has been calling for his job. But from recent reports, it looks like Paton’s job is safe for now. But for how long?

Poll results: Overreaction (70% of votes)

Sean Payton is nothing more than a Mike McCarthy with a better PR team

Now I have to say that I stole this from Jeffrey Essary of MHR, thanks to what he said in our staff group chat. But he might have a point here. While Sean Payton is a Super Bowl champ, he’s also had a Hall of Fame quarterback to work with, and still only had a career 9-8 playoff record (6-8 if you don’t include their 2009 Super Bowl run). He also has had four 7-9 seasons and one 8-8 season.

But a big question that we all have to ask ourselves is just how good would Drew Brees have been if it wasn’t for Payton? And is Payton going to do more for this team than a late, first round draft pick would?

Poll results: Overreaction (60% of votes)

It would’ve been better for Denver to wait a year and try and sign Lamar Jackson, rather than trading for Russell Wilson

Well, here is a statement that is guaranteed to spark discussion amongst Broncos fans. Now hindsight is 20/20 (personally I still believe that Russell Wilson can still be a franchise QB), but it’s safe to say that the trade for Wilson hasn’t worked out so far. And while the compensation wasn’t as much as it could’ve been, two first round picks isn’t a small amount. Lamar Jackson is younger and has a higher upside than Russell Wilson likely has, and he may even come in at a comparable cost in terms of contract price and length.

It certainly would be interesting if this offseason Denver was in the running for Lamar Jackson instead of Sean Payton. Or maybe they’d be in the running for both.

Poll results: Overreaction (55% of votes)