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Report: Broncos interview with Sean Payton delayed because of a visit with the Arizona Cardinals

The roller coaster continues

Arizona Cardinals v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Sean Payton roller coaster continues with its up and downs today. First, we had a report stating the Broncos scheduled a second interview with Sean Payton and that they are the favorites to hire him. That report was quickly shot down by local media and the original report clarified that Sean Payton anticipates flying into Denver on Wednesday to interview with the Broncos.

Now, we have a report indicating that the Broncos' second interview with Sean Payton has been delayed because of an interview with the Arizona Cardinals.

Well, that is interesting.

What do we make of this? It is hard to say. The Cardinals were rumored out of the running for Payton because of their new general manager hire and Payton’s desire for power. However, they did request permission to interview Payton early in the process and now appear to be getting that interview. This will be the Cardinals' first interview with Payton, but could that be all it takes to land Payton? Who knows at this point?

Could Payton just be doing his due diligence with the Cardinals to see if they are a viable landing spot for him, or are they considered the front-runner for him now? It has been just the Broncos and Panthers for Payton, and it still very well could be those two teams, but this just adds another extra wrinkle to what has been a weird day in the Sean Payton sweepstakes.

In the past few hours it has gone from Payton is having his second interview with the Broncos and he’s the favorite to the Broncos being open-minded about this search and that they haven’t settled on a finalist to now, having a supposed second interview which was supposed to take place Wednesday or Thursday now being delayed.

We will see how the Broncos proceed from here. Will they wait out Payton and still hope to meet with them, or will they now pivot and bring in a few other finalists for interviews? Dallas defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is available to visit in-person and has been considered a favorite from the start.

We shall see. There will probably be more reports and rumors coming out about this and will keep you updated on them all here at Mile High Report.