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Cowherd: ‘Denver wants Sean Payton. Russell Wilson wants Sean Payton.’

The big question is, does Sean Payton want the Broncos?

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Colin Cowherd who has been speaking for and on the Sean Payton sweepstakes had some interesting things to say about the Denver Broncos and Payton. He said that he has been told that the Broncos have made a decision and that they want Sean Payton. He also said that quarterback Russell Wilson wants Payton as well.

However, does Sean Payton want the Broncos? We have been told that he does, and multiple reports have indicated that he likes their ownership, but Cowherd casts some doubt on it.

Cowherd notes that the personalities, mainly Russell Wilson, and the non-football stuff that comes with him would potentially make the Broncos' job unattractive for Payton. We all know the narratives, truths, things people have said, and complaints about Russell Wilson, and those things are something a new head coach will have to deal with. He has been called fake, and cringy, has his own people for things, is isolated, has his own office, and all that non-football stuff. Cowherd says dealing with the non-football stuff might not be worth it.

However, he does go on to say that the Broncos and Wilson both want Payton and that the deal would be done today if Payton said he is their guy, and that may still happen. However, he continues on to say that, if he were Sean Payton(and he’s not) that he would pass on the Broncos and the $25 million dollars per year on the table.

My dilemma with this is, we do not know if this Cowherd speaking for Payton, or if Cowherd is just being a loud radio personality spouting off opinions. The two clearly have a close relationship and Payton was just on his show last week and was speaking for Payton last week, so we have to dissect what he says here.

We already are aware that the Broncos want Sean Payton. Their actions and the multiple reports leaking out have indicated that, but more confirmation there is noteworthy. The interesting stuff is the drama around Russell Wilson. Is this Cowherd just repeating the same Russell Wilson narratives or actual concerns Payton has with the Broncos quarterback?

Finally, Cowherd saying he would pass on the Broncos job and the potential $25 million dollar per year contract is noteworthy, but again, we don’t know if that is coming from him or Payton.

I will be real with you, I am not a Cowherd fan at all but his connection and relationship with Payton have us listening to what he says. I personally think he is just spouting off personal opinion here, especially the Russell Wilson stuff, but we shall see. That dilemma is something a new coach will have to handle, so it would make sense if there were some issues there.

At the end of the day, the Broncos are slowly playing this second round of interviews. If the Broncos do want Payton, they are likely awaiting word from him about his desires before moving on to the other candidates. We shall see how it plays out.