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NFL Power Rankings: Conference Championship Weekend

The last of the Power Rankings for the 2022-23 season. How does the final four line up?

John Kuntz,

Death, taxes, and the Dallas Cowboys finding a way to lose a playoff game.

The results of the Divisional Round can seem expected, especially with the Cowboys losing the 49ers, but it was more of how the games played out that opened the eyes of people around the country. The Eagles offense looks worthy of a Super Bowl, the Chiefs should be worried about the health of Patrick Mahomes, and the Bills somehow were the ones hurt by the weather.

The Bengals made an emphatic statement on the road this weekend and possibly fulfilled expectations of those who wondered how their Week 17 match up would have gone if the Damar Hamlin health scare didn’t happen. They stifled the Bills’ offense by holding Josh Allen to zero passing touchdowns and an interception, and Joe Burrow may be better than every other quarterback in the league, besides Patrick Mahomes.

It’s too bad that, as football fans, we didn’t get another week of Danny Dimes. Instead we saw, let’s call it a more traditional (as of late) looking Giants team where their offense was allergic to the end zone and their defense wouldn’t have been able to stop an SEC team. Speaking about SEC, let’s take a look at what Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith did. Oh, what was that? They combined for four out of the total five touchdowns that Philadelphia scored? Good luck slowing these guys down.

The (possible) future head coach of the Denver Broncos, DeMeco Ryans, certainly has his work cut out for him on Sunday.

I’m Known As Such And This Is A Beat, Uh, You Can’t Clutch: Dak Prescott (two very un-clutch interceptions)

Joe Shiesty of the Week: Joe Burrow (the dude is goooood)

Hide Your Screens and Hide Your Monitors: Cowboys fans (they’re punching everything)

Total Chad of the Week: Chad Henne (revenge game of the season)

Championship Sunday Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 18)
Rank Team Previous (Week 18)
1 Bengals +3 49ers
2 49ers -1 Bills
3 Eagles +2 Chiefs
4 Chiefs -1 Bengals
Post-Divisional Round
5 Bills -3 Eagles
6 Jags +2 Giants
7 Cowboys Cowboys
8 Giants -2 Jags
Post-Wild Card Weekend
9 Vikings -3 Giants
10 Dolphins +2 Bucs
11 Ravens Ravens
12 Bucs -2 Dolphins
13 Seahawks Seahawks
14 Chargers -6 Cowboys
Non-Playoff Teams
15 Lions Lions
16 Packers Packers
17 Patriots Patriots
18 Titans Titans
19 Steelers Steelers
20 Jets Jets
21 Commanders Commanders
22 Panthers Panthers
23 Saints Saints
24 Rams Rams
25 Browns Browns
26 Broncos Broncos
27 Raiders Raiders
28 Falcons Falcons
29 Texans Texans
30 Cardinals Cardinals
31 Colts Colts
32 Bears Bears