Trade for Tomlin??

There is NO EVIDENCE that Tomlin is available for trade, so this is a purely hypothetical scenario!

If we are willing to trade for Sean Payton, 1) are we willing to entertain a trade for Tomlin and 2) how would you rank Tomlin vs Payton? This is from a PFT post that Pitt has not renewed Tomlin's contract yet and then my 'reading the tea leaves' to say............well maybe a call is in order?

So, could you get Tomlin for a current 3rd round pick (plus cash or lower pick), then trade back our 1st rounder to 'make up' the pick? Kind of equal value coach for less compensation than Payton type of question.

Bonus question: rank the three of Harbaugh, Payton, and Tomlin in order of preference?

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