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Report: Broncos are intent on hiring DeMeco Ryans and Texans fear bidding war

A report coming from the Texans side indicate that the Broncos are intent on hiring DeMeco Ryans.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

According to John McClain the longtime Houston Chronicle writer and now with Gallery Sports, the Denver Broncos are “intent” on hiring 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans. He also states the Texans fear they will lose a bidding war with the Broncos and their endless Walmart money.

McClain is as connected as they come from the Texans side, a team who also appears to be a finalist for DeMeco Ryans. So, him saying the Broncos are “intent” on signing DeMeco Ryans is rather noteworthy. He also cautions Texans fans that if their team gets into a bidding war with the Broncos, they will not win that war.

A source close to the situation said the Broncos are intent on hiring Ryans. Why could that be a problem for the Texans? Because the McNair family can’t compete with Walmart money if the Broncos want to get into a bidding war. If you’re a Texans’ fan and you want them to hire Ryans, you better hope the Walton family doesn’t start flexing its financial muscle and be determined to hire him at all costs.

As we know, a report yesterday came out by 9NEWS Denver’s Mike Klis stating that DeMeco Ryans has emerged as the front-runner for the Broncos' head coaching job. The 49ers' defensive coordinator is the mastermind behind that dominant 49ers defense and just recently won the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA) Assistant Coach of the Year award as well. So, he has excelled rather quickly as a coordinator and now looks ready to make that jump as a head coach.

It really does seem like the Broncos are intent on hiring DeMeco Ryans as their head coach. Sean Payton, the original favorite for the job seems unlikely now and despite some early week rumors, there still is no second interview scheduled between him and the Broncos. Dan Quinn informed the Cowboys that he is remaining their defensive coordinator so he is out of the running and never had a second interview scheduled with the Broncos anyways. So, it seems like they are just waiting around until they can interview DeMeco Ryans a second time sometime early next week. If the 49ers lose to the Eagles this weekend, they can hire him and end this all next week, but if they win, they have to wait until after the Super Bowl to officially hire him.

The Texans are the competition for DeMeco Ryans, but they also have interest in Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon as well. Gannon was the early favorite for that job and is currently the favorite per Vegas for the job. So, they could easily go in another direction as well and leave Ryans for the Broncos.

As for the bidding war, we know about the Walton/Penner’s financial strength. They can outbid the Texans easily and they can pay Ryans coaching staff better than any other team. In the very beginning, it was stated that the Broncos were going to be “ultra-aggressive” and money would not be an issue, so if he is their guy, I believe they will do what it takes to make it happen.