Fortune Favors the Bold

I think the Broncos are finding out they cannot buy themselves out of a coaching bad situation. So what should they do. Well here is my solution.

1. Hire Evero as the HC

Why does this work, lets begin, one I truly believe the team respects him, especially after the job he did as a DC with a patchwork group that changed weekly. The fact is we aren't getting Payton, we aren't getting Harbaugh, and we aren't getting Ryans.

2. Hire David Shaw as OC

Why this works, provides Evero with a truly seasoned and well respected coach that understands how to have a truly physical and ground dominated run game. If you have to pay Evero $7 mil a year and Shaw $5 mil a year, do it, if you were willing to give Payton $15 to $20 a year, that is a drop in the bucket.

3. Hire Jarod Mayo as DC

Why this works, Mayo looks to be next up and coming HC candidate, get him now where he can shine in his own light free from Belichek. He obviously sees what standing in Andy Reid's shadow has derailed Bienemy's path to HC gig, Mayo and Evero together is a solid combination to help guide this defense.

4. Hire LeVar Woods as STC

Why this works, he is one of the top Special Team Coordinators in college football (he coaches at Iowa). Frankly anything is an upgrade over what we have had before.

5. Hire Mike Munchek as Offensive Line/Assistant HC

Why this works, obviously familiar with the team and players. He again brings credibility and experience to the organizations and staff with someone who has been here and done that.

6. Hire Dwight Galt to head the Strength and Conditioning Program

Who is Dwight Galt, he's Penn States Strength and Conditioning Coach and has helped Penn State turn out guys like Micah Parsons, Shaquon Barkley, Mike Gesicki, and Troy Apke, previously he served same role at Maryland and had guys like Shawn Merriman, Vernon Davis, Darrius Heyward-Bey. You want guys who can be atheletic freaks, he's your guy.

Is it a bold idea, maybe, another 1st year HC with little time as a DC. But lets surround him with talent at the coaching side. Lets give him the support staff he needs to succeed, if money is no option then show it isn't and pay these guys and let them get to work.

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