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Report: Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan is a name to watch in the Broncos head coaching search

First Gannon, then Kafka, and now Callahan.

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Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero, the Broncos may pivot their coaching search to other coaching candidates including Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan. The other candidate mentioned by Rapoport and Pelissero is Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathon Gannon.

In their report, they’re saying since everything is back on the table for the Broncos in their search, they may open up their search to coaches who impressed last year. That obviously includes Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan.

It’s possible the Broncos could also expand the search, potentially including coaches who impressed the teams in interviews for the job a year ago, such as Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon and Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan.

Callahan serves as the offensive coordinator for the Bengals but does not call the plays for the Bengals. However, he has had a big role in the offense throughout his three years with Joe Burrow running that offense.

“I’ve learned a lot in the role. You do oversee the offensive staff, the entire offense, the players. You interact with all of the different players. Having to build relationships with the receivers, tight ends, the linemen. Then the administrative part of being a coordinator, how you manage the roster spots, the draft process, there’s a management part of being in the coordinator role that you don’t get that experience as a position coach.”

The Bengals offense has been one of the best these past two years and they are on the verge of a second straight Super Bowl appearance. So, while Callahan does not call the plays for that offense, he deserves a look for being part of the process. He was among the coaches the Broncos interviewed last year as well, and they came away impressed, but like Gannon, he was not a finalist for the job.

Now, I know Broncos fans instant reaction to this will be a hell no. Nathaniel Hackett was a first-time head coach who was also an offensive coordinator who did not call plays for the Packers and we all witnessed those struggles. Coming back with a coach with a similar background to Hackett will be a very tough sell for the Broncos owners.

Now, while I do not think Callahan should be punished because of Hackett’s struggles, hiring him would be a risk. However, he has at least earned himself an opportunity to interview for the job at least.

Now, like Gannon, if the Bengals defeat the Chiefs later today(and they better), the Broncos would not be able to interview him until after the Super Bowl. That would obviously be a risk since the Broncos would have to wait at least two weeks to interview him and that would impact creating a staff. It also would put the team behind in scouting and preparing for free agency and the draft.

So, it will be interesting to see what the Broncos do in the coming days. It appears they have regrouped and have a new group of coaches they want to interview. Callahan is one of them, but we shall who else they’re interested in and who is the frontrunner from that group.