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NFL Power Rankings: Week 18

It all comes down to this with just a week left until playoffs

Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Just one week remains of the regular season, and the playoff picture is starting to come together. The Packers now have a 61% chance at making the playoffs with their domination of their northern rivals. Tom Brady took home yet another divisional title, and Danny Dimes put up four touchdowns to lead the Giants to their first playoff birth since 2016.

I think one of the most shocking games of the week, and possibly the season, had to have been the unlikeliest of shootouts between Jarrett Stidham vs Brock Purdy. Both quarterbacks combined for five touchdowns and 649 passing yards. But, of course, the game had to end due to a classic Stidham interception. It’s always nice when the Raiders lose.

Now, I know that it might just be another one of those “moral victory” sorts of games that we’ve grown accustomed to as Broncos fans, but there are a lot of positives to take away from Denver’s loss this week.

It’s clear that Hackett and his horrid offensive scheme was the issue, and Russell Wilson can still be the franchise quarterback that this team needs. And they only lost to the Chiefs by three points. That’s even with some inexcusably bad or missed calls by the refs.

Let’s not give up hope just yet, Broncos Country. Call me a fool, but I’ll choose to be optimistic about next year.

Also, please keep Damar Hamlin in your prayers as we go through this week, and however long his road to recovery may be. Let’s all keep a positive outlook going as we eagerly wait for the good news to come. Tell someone you love them today.

Mover of the Week: Green Bay Packers (up seven spots)

Dude, c’mon: Ron Rivera (didn’t know the Commanders could be eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday)

He can’t keep getting away with it: Tom Brady (made the playoffs, again)

Fantasy MVP: Austin Ekeler (thank you)

Cry, Eagles, Cry: The Philadelphia Eagles (duh)

Week 18 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 17)
Rank Team Previous (Week 17)
1 Bills Bills
2 Chiefs Chiefs
3 49ers +1 Eagles
4 Bengals +1 49ers
5 Eagles -2 Bengals
6 Cowboys Cowboys
7 Chargers +3 Vikings
8 Packers +7 Ravens
9 Vikings -2 Dolphins
10 Lions +2 Chargers
11 Ravens -3 Jets
12 Dolphins -3 Lions
13 Giants +4 Titans
14 Patriots +2 Seahawks
15 Seahawks -1 Packers
16 Titans -3 Patriots
17 Jags +1 Giants
18 Jets -7 Jags
19 Bucs +2 Commanders
20 Steelers Steelers
21 Commanders -2 Bucs
22 Saints +2 Rams
23 Rams -1 Panthers
24 Panthers -1 Saints
25 Browns Browns
26 Raiders Raiders
27 Falcons +1 Cardinals
28 Cardinals -1 Falcons
29 Broncos +2 Bears
30 Bears -1 Texans
31 Texans -1 Broncos
32 Colts Colts