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Nathaniel Hackett was the problem

Broncos Country reacts to three statements that are possibly overreactions.

Photo credit: AP Photo/ Charlie Riedel

It wouldn’t be a Denver Broncos game without yet another “moral victory” on the year. But when you have to watch a team with as many losses as Denver does, you kind of just have to take what you can get in terms of positives. But, even with a near NFL-record amount of injuries and new coaches at the helm, this might have been the best the Broncos have looked all year.

It seems like Russell Wilson still has some gas in the tank and, at least for me, has inspired hope that this contract won’t be a total waste of $250 million after all. All it took was for a coach to call an offense around Wilson’s strength, and not to try to shove a cube through a round whole.

It was this reemergence of Russell Wilson that inspired my three statements for this week’s edition of “Overreaction or Not”. Let’s take a look at your response to them in the form of a poll taken on our Instagram page. Make sure to follow us so you can be included in next week’s polls, and give your thoughts in the comments!

The recent Chiefs game solidifies the fact that Nathaniel Hackett was the problem

Was it just me, or was it weird seeing the Broncos change the way their offense worked in the span of just a week? There were many reasons why Nathaniel Hackett was fired, but one of them has to be the fact that he talked about implementing a certain style of offense, and then just failing to do so. There’s just a new feeling surrounding the team right now, and it’s a breath of fresh air.

Poll results: Not an overreaction (79% of votes)

Russell Wilson can still be the franchise quarterback

There is hope that the Broncos didn’t waste a quarter-billion dollars, and most of their cap space, on a quarterback that might be over the hump. When Russell Wilson was brought in and then signed to a long-term deal, there was hope that he would be the guy for the next five or so years. But, for the most part, this season has us all wondering if he can play just one more.

Sunday might have shown us that he can, at least when used correctly, still be a threat to defenses around the league. We’ll see what the next coaching staff can do for him.

Poll results: Not an overreaction (79% of votes)

Jerry Rosburg is a better option for Head Coach than most of the other candidates

Denver may have still lost last week, but it felt different. It felt like their was some sort of competency behind the offense. It looked like there was a coach on the sideline that truly cared about what was going on. And over the course of the week, Denver had a coach that wasn’t afraid to already make changes to the staff and set a new tone on the practice field.

And best of all, we didn’t get the same responses to the same questions in the post game press conference. But, Rosburg is no Sean Payton, Jim Harbaugh, or maybe even a Mike McDaniel if the rumblings out of Miami are true.

Poll results: Overreaction (61% of votes)