We've looked at a number of QB's that I believe can fall to the fourth through sixth rounds, are projected to be in those rounds and a couple that are more later if not UDFA's. In summary here's the list of the fellows we reviewed:

1. Phil Jerkovec

2. Herndon Hooker

3. Spencer Rattler

4. Jaren Hall

5. Max Duggan

6. Jake Haener

7. Aidan O'Connell

8. Darian Thompson-Robinson

For those have not read the initial post with Jerkovec the point of this exercise as believe the 4-6th rounds will offer the best value for QB's in the draft. Doesn't mean these guys will be the best, starters or even make rosters am stating for draft capital these rounds look to be shaping up as a good place to look for QBs. Based upon the Broncos draft order this is their potential rounds lineup:

  • 1st-round (from 49ers via Dolphins)
  • 3rd-round
  • 3rd-round (from Colts)
  • 4th-round
  • 5th-round
  • 7th-round (from Vikings)
As we stated the only way would use the first round pick a looks like back end after 20-25 and could be 32 to take a QB is if a QB they see as a franchise QB guy fall. A Marino, Rodgers or Lamar Jackson situation. Then of course run to the podium, in lieu of that then am thinking any of the last three picks could fit the mold to select a developmental QB, with criteria being upgrade the PS QB and be a QB2 potentially. A best case scenario is a spot starter or even winning the QB1 job. So who should the Broncos pick with those 4th round, 5th round and 7th round slots obviously at this point as we'll know the position and other picks if trade out along the way.

In the fourth round would have NO issues if the broncos selected if available QB Hooker, though do doubt he'll be there. He's top dawg in my mind in this list of potential QBs. Max Duggan is my next favorite QB and would definitely be okay with him being taken in the fourth round as well - he also has advantage over Hooker in immediate availability as Hooker most likely will have a redshirt season his rookie year due to major knee damage. Last guy as a fourth rounder, QB Rattler, know he's not popular at the moment but believe his arm talent borders on elite and worth a fourth-round pick, his major advantage also with the Broncos is he's a bigger version of RW, you don't have to change the playbook just roll with it.

In the fifth round would look at BC Phil Jerkovec as my top choice, he's only rated a 5-7th rounder so I over rate him in comparison to the others rating QBs at this time. I see a big guy, not elite but damn close arm, and he can run a little bit for his oversized frame. Jaren Hall of BYU would be next choice as a lesser than version of Rattler in my mind, but a guy that could pan out. Last guy in fifth round would be okay with Aidan O'Connell a lesser than Jerkovec but similar traits, a bit more spark than Jerkovec but not as fundamentally complete in passing game.

7th round or UDFA the laggards - Jake Haener the little dude that could - well maybe in the NFL. Nice arm and a gamer, the question is can he take on the physicality of the pro game. I have my doubts on that. Lastly would look at Darian Thommpson-Robinson as a flyer athlete to potentially win out a PS QB slot and if open to it being a utility knife player. Not a Tayson Hill as just not that kind of build but more a potential Kordell Stewart type if remember the old days with him in a Steelers uniform. If he's open to that then I'd look at a draft pick used late like the 7th rounder here.

There it is MHR readers - let me know what you think and of course if feel the missed out on more worthy players feel free to let me know about those guys too!

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