I'm turning 40 this year and I live in South Florida. I was born in Denver though, in a house in Englewood by DU. My parents moved to Hobe Sound then to Jupiter when I was very young. The one thing I brought with me from Denver was the Broncos. Since the start of the '05 season I've missed 4 or 5 games (maybe) and I can name 3 of them. I own a stitched rod Smith jersey and I just got a PS2 color rush jersey. I'll remember Johns helicopter, rod running straight through the middle of the field against Atlanta, knowshon's tears, our all-time defense, Thomas, Nash, and Williams my whole life. Our success a couple years ago (more then a couple years) is a great sense of pride for me. I watch every Sunday no matter what. I rearrange me life to watch. I'm an alcoholic, I relapse to watch. will not be watching the Denver Broncos.

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