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“What a way to end it.”

Justin Simmons shares reaction to 31-28 victory over LA

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

What a way to end it, indeed.

After a season of thinning hopes, letdowns, and heartbreak, the Broncos finished strong in their final two weeks. The victory was not secured over the Kansas City Chiefs on New Year’s Day, but the fight was there, and that fight came to fruition today over the LA Chargers.

If you’d asked me even three games ago whether we could beat a team going to the playoffs, I’d probably laugh and then cry a little. It’s hard to argue against the idea that something’s really changing here, when we’ve finally broken our 20-game streak of not even hitting 30 points.

The Denver Broncos’ official Twitter page shared a clip of Justin Simmons’ immediate reaction to this emotional win, and he expressed the difficulties of the season behind them, but the hope of a future to come.

“Broncos Country, it wasn’t pretty,” he said, “I know this season was a tough one, but man, what a way to end it. A conference win at home.”

I hope that Simmons enjoys this victory with the rest of his team. It goes without saying that our defense has been keeping us afloat this season, and his contributions to the defensive side of the ball have been irreplaceable. This guy recorded another two fumbles tonight, along with ten tackles. You just can’t ask for a better safety.

Anyway, this game wraps up the Broncos’ season, as we were obviously eliminated from the playoff picture a while ago. Despite this, I think our future for next season is bright. I am waiting with cautious optimism as this new head coach search continues, and I have full belief in the potential of a lot of players we have here.

Go Broncos!