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Justin Simmons ‘proud’ of the way Broncos ‘answered adversity’ in season finale

Following a victory over the LA Chargers, the safety shares feelings about ending a tough season on a high note.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

A victory doesn’t take away from the pain of the season, but when it’s a very obvious display of previously-suppressed talent, and when it’s tacked onto the very end, it feels good enough to give you hope for a more lucrative run next year.

The always-killing-it free safety Justin Simmons thinks it was important not only for the Denver Broncos, but for the fans as well, to close out a devastating season with a W. That doesn’t, of course, take away from the losses this season.

“I think ending the season on a positive was a big objective for us, but it still doesn’t take away that the season was tough and it was hard, and obviously not anything that any of us wanted,” Simmons, who forced two fumbles in today’s contest, shared honestly.

“Players, coaches, fans, it was tough but...glad that we won, glad that we ended on a positive, and I know we’re heading in the right direction. So I’m really excited about that, and excited to get back to winning.”

Simmons hopes to be discussing the playoffs this time next year, and he mentioned some of the games that ended with a close score. The theme for their team, as he described, is to find ways to close out games and make sure that they not only play well, but they walk away victors, like they did today vs the LA Chargers. That’s going to be key for next year, because days like today feel too good.

“That was important for not only us — we put so much work into it — but for the fans as well...ending on a positive for all of us there,” Simmons said.

The safety also talked about the offensive side of the ball, particularly WR Jerry Jeudy’s growth as a player, which was really on showcase this afternoon.

“I know I talked a lot about it in preseason with OTAs, camp, and going up against him all the time. Jerry’s just showing everyone what we already knew, and I think he’s a tremendous talent and I just watch him go out there and play his tail off for the guys,” he explained.

“This game, win or lose, has really no bearing on anything, so I think it was really cool to see a bunch of guys go out there and just give it their all,” he continued, acknowledging of course that everyone is paid to go out there and play a last game, but their hearts were completely in it and that’s what’s cool to see.

“Jerry, and the guys on offense, I thought they just did a heck of a job. And defensively we answered the bell a few times when we needed to, but just proud of the guys and Jerry especially, and just the way we could just answer adversity.”