The Emily Ratajkowski Problem

Several weeks ago Emily Ratajkowski ( if you don’t know who she is look her up and behold perhaps the apex of female, physical beauty ) told the World that she had joined a dating App because she was finding it hard to find a good man to date. She did not name the App. Dating Apps all over the world saw their membership explode as every straight man on the planet thought ( hope she bought stock prior) …..Well, now I have a chance now so why not?" Although I could digress into what her being frustrated with dating says about modern dating and the indictment of the men she comes across, that’s not what this post is about.

That explosion of hope is the same phenomenon that we see when the Powerball jackpot gets over $1B, people play more. Why? Well apparently because when it’s just in the hundreds of millions it just isn’t worth the time or cost. So, we humans are just full of hope and Ms. Ratajkowski or a Billion Dollars just starts to make sense if you’re desperate enough. Oddly, this behavior pattern seems to be picked up by NFL fans that need a new coach.

The Denver Broncos and their fans are just like that dude on the App, saying ‘ Ohhhhhh….Sean Payton will surely notice me…look how real I am…Seans not just about the money and the fame….he wants me for who I am." No, no he doesn’t. Sean Payton will swipe left but that’s beside the point.

The point is that Payton, Harbaugh or any of the other big names won’t solve the issues quicker then Rosburg any more then Emily Ratajkowski Swiping right on you will somehow solve the real issues that would come with why you’re not gonna be dating a super model. It’ll just be a new relationship that looks good from the outside but, like all relationships, takes time and a Herculean amount of effort.

The NFL is littered with the resumes’ of big time coaches that excelled in one system and failed in another. The NFL is littered with the resumes’ of of up and comers that someone took a chance on and they did a stellar job. Getting a big name coach will do exactly one thing for the Denver Broncos and that is disrupt every system currently in place and the organization will start from scratch in hopes of building a contender. That may or may not work but will take at least 3 years to accomplish and there’s no guarantees with implementing (yet another) new system. the singular guarantee in that is that the team ( once again) will start from ground zero.

What has a better chance, better odds, of working ( or at least as well) is to keep Evero and most of the staff in place with Rosburg on a 2-3 contract as HC and install a winning culture that they can build on and go with consistency as much as possible for the players. This tracks favorably with several things not the least of which is Wilson’s contract.

It’’s not the sexy move, it’s not joining an App and hoping that a living Goddess takes notice of you, but sometimes the best choice is the least sexy because it offers stability.

Dating Emily Ratajkowski will not make you less fat, more muscular, less old, more interesting or give you more of an ability to get court side tickets at a Knicks or Nuggets game and hiring a big splash HC will not inherently fix the issues on the team more then the guys in house. More then splash moves and trite, idiotic marketing ploys ( replacing the turf for a single game) the Broncos need organizational stability and that’s offered by one single move from ownership.

If you want to swallow the marking pill/ploy that Denver is using then go for it, just understand it for what it is: A way to extract your loyalty based on hope and not what’s delivered on the field. if you want some stability then stop dreaming of the savior or goddess and just stick with person that you can rely on.

In this case that’s Rosburg for the Broncos and most likely whoever you’re dating or married too, instead of hopping on that App.

And don’t play the Powerball, it’s a suckers play….. and decreases my odds significantly. Cheers.

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