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Where will the Broncos clown car end up?

The Broncos are an embarrassment, but the rebuild will start soon.

NFL: New York Jets at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have gone from being a disappointment to being infuriatingly bad at football. The Sean Payton era has become, as Ian put it on Broncos Odds and Endzones, a clown car of epic failures.

Let’s start by acknowledging a couple of positives. Russell Wilson is not the problem. He may not be the longterm solution, but he hasn’t necessarily been the reason for the 1-4 start. On top of that, we can guess that Payton is likely looking at making some major changes moving forward.

The players on this team aren’t Sean Payton’s guys. As I told Ian on BOE, we have been saying all along, whatever Payton wants. Well, now we will get to see what he wants. Trades are on the horizon. Players that were brought in by other coaches for other systems will be sent to new homes.

Draft picks and rebuilding are in the future for this clown car franchise. That doesn’t mean the franchise has to remain a clown car. Things can be turned around, but the hope of a more immediate fix, if not already out the window before the embarrassing loss to the New York Jets and Nathaniel Hackett, is completely gone.

And with the Kansas City Chiefs the next opponent on Thursday night, the Broncos total and complete collapse will be on full prime time display for the world to see at Arrowhead Stadium. It will likely be a summation of the rock bottom, basement level, sewage living world we have found ourselves in.

But I am not about to toss around platitudes of hope. Not this week. Not with national embarrassment afoot. Instead I will offer this. There has to be a plan. What that plan is will likely unfold in the coming weeks.

Hopefully, it will include a multitude of trades for draft picks, and the concession that this rebuild will be considerably harder than anyone anticipated. Sean Payton’s legacy could grow exponentially if he can pull of this franchise comeback story. From the bottom of the NFL world, living in the squalor of irrelevancy, back to the status of one of the crown jewel franchises.

The building starts soon, but first let’s go get this whooping from the Chiefs.