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AFC West Roundup, Week 6: Chargers still with just one more win than the Broncos

The AFC West is not looking so hot right now

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

This may have been the all-around worst week of NFL football that I can recall over the last 5-10 years. It was embarrassing and pathetic at points. And the AFC West was not immune to this disease of poor play.

Let’s see what made the week so bad.

AFC West Standings

Team W L T Div. Conf.
Team W L T Div. Conf.
Kansas City Chiefs 11 6 0 4-2 9-3
Las Vegas Raiders 8 9 0 4-2 6-6
Denver Broncos 8 9 0 3-3 5-7
Los Angeles Chargers 5 12 0 1-5 3-9

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

Final score: 8-19

Recap: The Broncos' defense was finally clicking for the length of a game and was able to limit the Chiefs to just 19 points. The problem is that the offense, which has been pretty good up to this point, absolutely failed to show up this week. Russell Wilson failed to see open receivers, the offensive line needed to give Wilson better pockets, and the wide receivers didn’t get open as often as they should have. And they refused to stay with their run game that was actually having decent success.

The bright spot here is that Justin Simmons was able to pick off Mahomes, and subsequently raised his trade value in case Denver is looking to shop him. He also has the most interceptions off of Mahomes out of any player in the league. Kareem Jackson should’ve also had an INT if the Chiefs weren’t gifted with a bogus defensive holding call.

In the end, it came down to the Broncos punting five times, turning the ball over on downs once, fumbling the ball once, and throwing two interceptions that doomed the offense.

Injury concerns: TE Greg Dulcich reinjured his hamstring.

Week 7 matchup: Los Angeles Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Green Bay Packers @ Denver Broncos

New England Patriots @ Las Vegas Raiders

Final score: 17-21

Recap: The Raiders may have just solidified themselves as the best-worst team in the NFL with their win over the Patriots. Jakobi Meyers and Josh McDaniels were able to get their revenge against their former team. Meyers finished with 5 catches for 61 yards and a touchdown. It wouldn’t be a Raiders game without a Jimmy G. interception though, which he threw on Vegas’ 2nd offensive drive.

I think the real story here though is that Brian Hoyer was able to enter the game in the 2nd half and managed to close things out against his former team. The Patriots have now given up 93 points over the last three games. One of the worst stretches of play that a Bill Belichick defense has ever had. It seems like the Pats will be facing off against the Broncos in the QB draft battle this year because Mac Jones clearly is not the future in New England.

And this game also served as another unfortunate reminder to the AFC West that Maxx Crosby is one of the best pass rushers in the league.

Injury concerns: QB Jimmy Garoppolo was sent to a hospital during the game due to a back injury and likely won’t play this week.

Week 7 matchup: Las Vegas Raiders @ Chicago Bears

Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Chargers

Final score: 20-17

Recap: In what was supposed to be Austin Ekeler’s big return to the field, it ended up being a very forgettable game for Los Angeles. He would muster a measly 62 total yards on 18 touches and didn’t see the end zone once. And I can speak for fantasy managers everywhere that that sucked.

The other story coming out of this game is that Justin Herbert may not be as good as we all think he is. This game is just another primetime, big game that he underperformed in, and he still has yet to earn that marquee win that a legacy can be built off of. Herbert threw for just 227 yards and two touchdowns, one of which came courtesy of prime field position after the Chargers recovered a muffed punt on the Dallas 20.

The Cowboys have some life again and successfuly bounced back from their 42-10 drudging against the 49ers, and now the struggling Chargers have to travel into the friendly confines of Kansas City. Brandon Staley is on the hot seat.

Injury concerns: DL Sebastian Joseph-Day suffered a knee injury on the first play of the game but returned in the 2nd half. CB Raheem Layne injured his knee in the 3rd quarter and did not return.

Week 7 matchup: Los Angeles Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 7 predictions

My season record now stands at 15-8 after six weeks of action. The only thing that I got wrong was overestimating the Chargers’ ability to beat an average team.

This week I’ll be taking the Chiefs over the Chargers, the Raiders over the possibly Fields-less Bears, and the Packers over the Broncos. Drop your predictions in the comments!