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Let the Denver Broncos teardown begin

It can’t be a rebuild until the whole thing has been torn down.

Last week I took a beating in the comments section because I said Russell Wilson was not the problem for the Denver Broncos. I stand by that, up to the loss against the Kansas City Chiefs. He was the problem in the Week 6 loss.

However, the idea that the issue with this team is the QB is too short sighted. This team needs a complete and total teardown. This won’t be a one season process either. This will be one of those multi-year, trust the process kind of rebuilds.

On Broncos Odds and Endzones, Ian St. Clair and I have been talking about a plan in recent weeks. What is the plan? Is there a plan? Who is in charge of the plan. Heading into the upcoming match up against the Green Bay Packers, it feels like there is no plan.

On the latest episode, Ian and I discussed the teardown. I call it a teardown and not a rebuild because there can’t be a rebuild before it gets torn down. Everything must go. Any player that can garner draft picks is on the table.

I know there are some players that fans don’t want traded. Justin Simmons pops into my head. He is a Pat Bowlen Bronco, but he can make a contender better, and he can bring in draft picks that can help Denver improve down the road.

Garett Bolles? See ya. Jerry Jeudy? Yes, please (especially after the embarrassment of how he acted toward Steve Smith). Courtland Sutton? Buh-Bye. Lloyd Cushenberry? If someone will take him. Go down the list, and send guys away. If you can get a couple 1st round picks for Pat Surtain II you have to pull the trigger on that.

I don’t want to see great players go, but this won’t be an overnight process. The amount of time this will take means painful decisions about players will have to take place. The bed has been made. It’s time for the Broncos to sleep in it.