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Few fans think the Broncos beat the Packers in Week 7

Will the Denver Broncos win another game in 2023? That seems to be the mood in Broncos Country as team prepares for a suspect Green Bay Packers team in Week 7.

The Green Bay Packers are 2-3 yet are not as good as their record may suggest. They sport one of the worst offenses in the NFL. They rank 31st overall, while 29th in passing and 30th in rushing. Their one saving grace and why they have two wins has been their Top 10 defense through six games.

Both the Packers and the Denver Broncos have wins over the Chicago Bears, so they do have that in common. However, if you have Broncos fans this week, they are convinced Denver is destined to drop to 1-6 this weekend.

If I’m being honest, I was one of those who picked Green Bay too. Only one of our staff members picked the Broncos in those weekly NFL picks. I think the ‘sky is falling’ mantra has taken hold of us this week and, frankly, that usually means Denver is on the cusp of winning another game.

If they are going to win any game over the next month it will likely be this one as they play the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, and the Cleveland Browns over the next five weeks. I’m more confident about them beating the Packers than any of those other teams.

There was some positive news from our weekly survey. Confidence received a slight boost last week. I guess holding the Chiefs to 19 points is something to feel good about when your team’s defense is ranked 32nd overall. Still ranked 32nd overall by the way.

I think the mood overall is that we all acknowledge this season is over and we’re on the path towards yet another 10+ loss record. The best thing that could happen to Denver is to end up with the first or second overall pick. The last time they had such a high pick they ended up with Von Miller and that would be a good thing in the long-term.

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