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Broncos vs. Packers score predictions for Week 7

Here are Mile High Report’s score predictions for the Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers game. Can the Broncos get their first home win of 2023?

NFL: OCT 12 Broncos at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are off to a really bad start to 2023 and could fall to 1-7 before the Bye Week if they don’t beat the Green Bay Packers at home on Sunday. They host the Kansas City Chiefs the week after, but I am doubtful their 16-game win streak over Denver ends any time soon. According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the Broncos are also home underdogs this week too.

Collectively, we see yet another Broncos loss at home. The Packers come out on top in our combined score 26-20 and send Denver into a complete 2023 death spiral of a season. Not all of us are predicting another defeat on Sunday, so here is where each of us stands on these score predictions:

Broncos 23, Packers 20

I picked the Broncos to lose in our weekly picks post on Thursday, but here on Saturday I’m feeling like maybe Denver might just win this game. There’s just no way this team starts 1-6 with four home losses, right? Right??? - Tim Lynch

Packers 31, Broncos 17

On paper, this looks like one of the few “winnable games” left on the schedule but I just don’t see it happening. The Packers are coming off the bye and the Broncos defense has made below average QBs look good this season. Add in the Packers getting healthy and getting RB Aaron Jones back, it’s another recipe for disaster for the Broncos. Expect a healthy dose of Aaron Jones and big A.J. Dillon in this one with rookie tight end Luke Musgrave making some big plays as well.

As for the Broncos? I lost all faith in them this season and do not expect much of anything good to happen the rest of the season. - Scotty Payne

Broncos 24, Packers 20

Sunday’s matchup is one of two underachieving franchises who are both set to rebuild their teams. All things considered, I think the Broncos come out with a victory at home due to a strong rushing performance and by forcing several turnovers much to the chagrin of Broncos Country fans who are hoping for losses to secure better draft position. - Chris Hart

Packers 27, Broncos 23

The Broncos will probably start off well against Green Bay in the 1st quarter and then it will all go down hill from there. McGlinchey will probably get tossed around in pass protection and the play calling will fall off after the script ends. The only thing I’m really looking for is seeing how the pass rush performs. - Ross Allen

Packers 24, Broncos 17

It’s not that Denver won’t score, or can’t score, it’s that they can only seem to score in scripted plays. As Ian said on Broncos Odds and Endzones, the offense scores on their first possession a lot this year, but can’t sustain that level of success beyond the script. Aaron Jones will likely take advantage of a bad defense, and carry the day for Green Bay, and the Broncos will continue to vie for that number one draft pick. - Adam Malnati

Packers 31, Broncos 20

The Broncos defensive performance last week was more of a function of the poor KC offense than it was a statement of competence. The Broncos defense, offense saved special teams will all take their turns failing saved flailing in the game as the Broncos fall to 1-6 with another home loss. - Joe Mahoney

Packers 38, Broncos 23

I’m expecting a better defensive performance than the score indicates, but Russell Wilson and others on the offense have turnover-itis and I don’t think it gets cured in a week and a half. They also are no doubt hearing the trade deadline talk, and if Jeudy’s comments are any indication, things are coming to a boil in the locker room. I expect a half hearted performance but would be okay being proven wrong. - Nick Burch

Packers 17, Broncos 16

In this epic pillow fight of bad football teams, the Broncos prove to be the worst. And maybe that’s a good thing. - Ian St. Clair

Give us your Broncos-Packers score predictions in the comments section below!