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Broncos Reacts Week 8: Have the Broncos finally turned it around on defense?

The Denver Broncos defense has kept a really good team and a really bad team under 20 points. Is this the beginnings of a turnaround for their defense?

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

There is no question the Denver Broncos offense has taken a massive step forward compared to the clown show they ran offensively in 2022, but that step forward was paired with two steps back from the team’s defense to start the season.

However, they started looking a lot better beginning in the second half against the Chicago Bears. That enabled the Broncos offense to rally from a 21-point deficit to take their first win of the season in a 31-28 thriller. However, the defense then imploded in the second half the following week to the New York Jets. So that had us thinking maybe that half against the Bears was just an aberration.

Then the last two weeks gave us all a much clearer picture of this defense. Giving up just 19 points to a red-hot Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs who are on a six-game winning streak was impressive, despite the offense laying a big fat dud. The defense then followed it up again last week against the Green Bay Packers where the offense laid less of a dud to get the team’s second win of the season.

That begs the question... has the defense turned a corner or have we been watching a mirage? Give us your answer in the survey below and I’ll share the results later this week!

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