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Most Broncos fans think Denver’s turnaround on defense is a mirage

Just 27% of Denver Broncos fans surveyed think Vance Joseph has gotten this defense to turn a corner. We’ll find out if they are right this weekend against the visiting Kansas City Chiefs.

The Denver Broncos defense hit a low point against the Miami Dolphins in Week 3 when they gave up a whooping 10 total touchdowns in an embarrassing 70-20 beatdown. They then found themselves down 28-7 against the Chicago Bears in Week 4. Things looked bleak.

After giving up nearly two touchdowns a quarter over the span of 2.5 games, the defense began to change. While they did give up 31 to the New York Jets, they really tightened things over the last two games giving up just three total touchdowns and held both opponents under 20 a game. Frankly, that is a winning formula in the long-term, but do we believe the Broncos defense has turned a corner?

Not if you ask fans. Just 27% of us think Vance Joseph has gotten this defense turned around. We’ll certainly find out if they are wrong over Denver’s next two games as they will play two AFC powerhouses with a Bye Week sandwiched in between.

Despite those negative feelings towards Vance Joseph and the Broncos’ defense, there was a healthy bounce last week on the fan confidence front. They hit a low after the loss to the New York Jets, but a strong defensive performance on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs showed a little bit of a bounce and another strong defensive performance in a win over the Green Bay Packers helped push that number higher.

Imagine the look of this chart if Denver somehow breaks the Chiefs 16-game win streak over the Broncos on Sunday.

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