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Week 8: Broncos vs. Chiefs gameday inactives

Here is the full gameday inactives list for both the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs here in Week 8.

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

Nothing surprising with the inactives from either team today. The Denver Broncos continue to red-shirt rookies JL Skinner and Aledx Forsyth and both Thomas Incoom and Elijah Garcia are getting more time on the inactive list this season. All four players are intriguing young guys who figure to make more of an impact next season.

Head Coach Sean Payton was asked about facing strong opponents and he quoted Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells saying, “Bill [Parcels] used to always say, ‘Hey, it gives you a chance to know where you stack up.’ I think when you get up in class with a team like this, you find out.”

The Broncos certainly need a culture-changing win to get the ball rolling in Payton’s favor, but that critical kind of win has eluded Denver for years now. Maybe they’ll get it today.

The Kansas City Chiefs have four inactive players for this game. Here are your full inactives for both teams.

Broncos inactives

Player Position
Player Position
JL Skinner S
Alex Forsyth C
Thomas Incoom OLB
Keondre Coburn NT
Elijah Garcia DL

Chiefs inactives

Player Position
Player Position
BJ Thompson DE
Mike Caliendo OL
Neil Farrell DT
Malik Herring DE