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Join the Mile High Report’s 2023 ‘Last Chance’ Survivor contest

Mile High Report is running a free Survivor contest this year with a prize for the winners. Join below and bookmark this page so you can make your pick each week.

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Hello, Denver Broncos fans!

In partnership with DraftKings Sportsbook, we brought a survivor contest to Mile High Report back at the start of the season. If you joined back then and are still alive, then you are won’t be eligible for this ‘Last Chance’ contest. Only those eliminated or new competitors can join this one. There will be a $100 cash prize for this second-chance contest. See the full details below:

How it works

There was a little bit of confusion for some around signing up for the Week 1 Survivor contest, so we’re putting together a few more specifics on registration. Before we get to that, just a reminder that the second-chance contest is open to anybody who was eliminated from the first contest OR if you never signed up for the first contest. If you are still alive in the first contest, you are NOT eligible for this second-chance contest.

If you played the Week 1 contest and were eliminated, your registration still works. Log in like you did the first time and you’ll be prompted to create a new entry name. If you did not play the game the first time around, you’ll need to create a log-in.

The registration for this game is separate from your site log-in or from a DraftKings log-in if you have one. To register for an account to play the game, go down to the game below and click on “Register for an account.” It asks for your first name, email, and a password you create. Your email will NOT be sold or given away. It is strictly so you can get a weekly reminder to make your pick and so you can get a password reset sent to you if you forget your password.

After you register, it’ll ask for an entry name. That is not the team you’re picking that week, but rather, what name will show up in the leaderboard for your entry.