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Broncos players react to 24-9 victory over Chiefs

The Denver Broncos were determined for this long awaited win over the Kansas City Chiefs. The defense led the way.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos walked across Empower Field with one thing in mind today, and that was winning: winning at home, winning a divisional game, winning against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Russell Wilson summed it up beautifully in his opening statement, saying, “We knew that we could come out and win this football game and play great in front of our fans. Just to win, beat the Chiefs at home in front of our fans, in front of Broncos Country.”

WR Jerry Jeudy, who recorded 50 receiving yards and a touchdown tonight, echoed Wilson’s initial sentiment. “First of all, let’s get this straight. We came in here thinking we’re going to win,” he said, “We didn’t come with the mindset that we’re going to lose.”

“It’s a good feeling to always win, especially when it’s back-to-back.”

I think we all noticed the positivity and excitement at Mile High today. The fans were lively, even in the freezing weather. They had something to cheer for, and reason to hope. QB1 shared how “amazing” the crowd was, and how it brought them so much energy “when guys made plays on defense, guys made plays on offense, special teams.”

All players seemed to be in agreement that their streak of losing to Kansas City wasn’t even in the discussion this week. When asked about it, OLB Jonathon Cooper made it clear that for them, it’s one game at a time.

“What streak? What streak are we talking about? It’s over now,” he said, clarifying, “It’s a one-game winning streak for us, that’s what we’re talking about.”

Cooper’s mentality is something that’s been mentioned by safety Justin Simmons throughout these past seasons. Simmons, who deflected a pass on top of his interception and fumble recovery, elaborated a bit more on the idea.

“It feels good to win at home. I think for me, I get from the outside looking in, you look at it as a fan base and things like that, that there is this streak and everybody wants to talk about it,” he admitted, “But literally, each and every year, it is a new team. It is a new head coach, a new staff in general. You come into this, like I told you guys heading into this week, we’re only 0-1 (against the Chiefs this season).”

#31 added that some of the guys — including himself — have been here for a while and seen many of those losses. “But it is a new team,” he stated, “It is a new year, and that is kind of the mindset you have to have going into it. Really happy we won. That is a heck of a team, we know that watching them. It just feels good to win.”