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Scenes from the Broncos epic 24-9 win over the Chiefs

All the best shots from the Denver Broncos 24-9 home win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 8.

The Denver Broncos needed eight years and sixteen consecutive, and often heartbreaking, defeats to the Kansas City Chiefs to get things right at home. Despite a slow start in September, the Broncos have now won three of their last five games. They completely dominated the defending Super Bowl champions from start to finish, giving up zero touchdowns in a 24-9 onslaught.

A defense that gave up 10 total touchdowns and 70 points just over a month ago to the Miami Dolphins looked like a completely different football team. They forced four turnovers against Patrick Mahomes and another on special teams. They were relentless all game long.

They faced the Chiefs just two weeks ago in a tight 19-8 road defeat, but in two games against one of the NFL’s best offenses, the defense gave up just a single touchdown. They held the Chiefs to that single touchdown despite eight red zone trips and ultimately outscored the Chiefs 32-28 over those two games.

I put together the photo gallery above to highlight all of the best shots from USA Today from that epic win over Kansas City.