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Most fans believe the Broncos will stumble against the Jets

The Denver Broncos have a problem with inspiring confidence in its own fanbase. Those surveyed this week have them losing at home to the New York Jets.

Fresh off a pretty impressive 21-point comeback win over the Chicago Bears, I thought for sure we’d some optimism return from Broncos Country. So my thought this week was just to ask Denver Broncos fans straight up whether they thought they would beat the New York Jets at home this weekend.

It would appear they need to stack some wins to convince us they are turning things around, because only 42% of us think they will take care of business on Sunday.

To be perfectly honest, I was one of those 42% that voted nah in this survey. I liked what I saw, but I saw a lot more through the first four games to keep me on an extreme level of concern about this football team. Will we see the defense we saw against the Bears in the second half or will we see the defense we’ve seen over the 10 quarters that preceded that?

We’re going to find out this weekend, maybe. Overall, however, I was with Broncos fans on the little bounce in confidence in the direction of the team this week.

Denver absolutely needed this win and for much of the game it looked like they were going to straight collapse in front of our eyes. Instead, the whole team rallied and made plays in all three phases to secure the comeback win. That’s something we haven’t seen too often from this franchise since Peyton Manning retired. I’ll take it.

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