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Sean Payton can’t overcome one of worst coaching jobs in NFL history: ‘This one hurts’

The Denver Broncos embarrassed themselves once again in the face of a terrible former head coach, this time one a current head coach ran his mouth about in the offseason

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Well, Broncos Country, welcome to rock bottom.

The current Denver Broncos team is currently under ownership of one terrible former head coach in Josh McDaniels, who can’t seem to lose to the Broncos despite losing to everyone else.

Another former terrible head coach, Vance Joseph, was inexplicably hired back to run the team’s defense, a unit which has been a national embarrassment for five weeks and a huge part of why the team has a 1-4 record.

And now, in most embarrassing fashion, the former Broncos coach who was fired for such incompetence that the current head coach flapped his gums about how bad he was now has a victory over his former team as well.

It’s the ghost of fired coaches past, it would seem. Or more, better yet, it’s yet another example of the losing mentality that infects this team, and every player wearing a Broncos jersey should be ashamed.

Most notably, though, head coach Sean Payton should take a look at himself in the mirror, given his arrogant preseason comments.

“I’ve got to do a better job, and it starts with me,” he said after the game. It’s almost comical, as that is almost the exact same quote Hackett would spit out game after game last season. And here Sean Payton, noted Hackett assassin, is doing the same.

“This one hurts... we didn’t play well,” he said. “The part that is frustrating is that we become one dimensional. I need to be more patient (with the run game).”

Yeah... or maybe you just don’t know how to use the parts you have available. Automatic field goals in the red zone rather than touchdowns is a problem... not knowing how to utilize your only two legitimate offensive options in Jaleel McLaughlin and Marvin Mims is a problem... hiring Vance Joseph without knowing the first thing about him or his time in Denver is a problem... and running your mouth without being able to back it up is a problem.

Need to be more patient? No. You need to be a better coach and leader who can take a team of ridiculously highly paid individuals and beat a team without their star QB... at home. So far, you have not been able to do that.

Patience isn’t a thing Broncos Country is willing to embrace. Payton is a coach who was brought in to fix things, and fix them quick. Thus far, he’s proven he’s no more than Hackett with a better paint job.