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Broncos’ inability to play a complete game remains glaring issue

The Broncos were again plagued by a tale of two halves. Until it gets fixed, Denver won’t win many games.

The Denver Broncos took on the New York Jets at Empower Field at Mile High during week 5 of the NFL season Photo by RJ Sangosti/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The Denver Broncos just lost to Zack Wilson and the New York Jets.

Now Denver is preparing to face an organization in the Kansas City Chiefs that it hasn’t beaten since Week 2 of the 2015 regular season. On Thursday Night Football. On the road. Not great, Bob.

“They do a lot of things well,” Broncos head coach Sean Payton told the Denver media on Monday. “Quite honestly, they’ve found ways to win even when it hasn’t gone as well as they would have hoped, and that’s the sign of a really good football team — a championship team.”

If you’re looking for how the Broncos plan to fix the inability to play a complete game ... no one seems to have an answer. Or at least declare what it is publicly.

Denver once again played a strong first half only to collapse in the second half in the loss to the Jets. At least the Broncos are consistent when it comes to these tales of two halves games they play. Like the terrible defense and an offense that disappears.

As Payton said to the media when asked about the root cause of every game having a “good half” and a “bad half:”

“Look, if I had the answer, we’d be able to address it immediately. Certainly, we’ve had better or faster starts offensively in the first half and we haven’t in the second half. That has to improve. (On Sunday), it was really the tale of two halves. Collectively, we did a lot of things well in the first half. We didn’t score like we had hoped, then the second half comes out, we struggle offensively, defensively we give up the big run, and all of a sudden, we’re in one of these close games. Putting four quarters together is obviously one of the things I made a note of this morning.”

Of course, there are now questions for Payton on if he’s worried about his team’s mentality.

“You pay attention to all of that,” he said. “One of the things about this league (is that) there’s nothing like winning. Obviously, when you’re not having success, you have to dig deep. It’s difficult; it’s tough. You get up in the morning, it’s unpleasant, and yet ... I think I have pretty good instincts relative to how to approach the team and how to guide the team relative to the next challenge, and that’s what we’re going to do this week.”

Not great, Bob.