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Broncos GIFCap: Week 5 edition

And just like that, the Denver Broncos are back in the loss column. Time to recap the loss to Nathaniel Hackett’s New York Jets in GIFs.

The Denver Broncos took on the New York Jets at Empower Field at Mile High during week 5 of the NFL season Photo by RJ Sangosti/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Welp, it’s time yet again to provide a recap of another disastrous Denver Broncos performance using moving pictures.

It was good fun getting to do it after a win, but I suppose I got greedy expecting to do it two weeks in a row, facing a terrible team with a terrible QB and a terrible offensive coordinator who was so incompetent of a head coach for the Broncos he couldn’t even finish the year out.

It’s my fault, I guess. Anyway, let’s get this over with. Time for the symbolic GIFCap of the Broncos 31-21 loss to the New York Jets at home.

Pre-game vibes

Zach Wilson sucks. The Jets suck. Nathaniel Hackett sucks. Don’t let the media narrative of him being mistreated by Sean Payton win out. Just play disciplined football, and the rest will take care of itself.

Jets Three-and-out...this should be easy

Okay, looks like the team is ready to play with a quick three-and-out. Hopefully, at least.

And then Marvin Mims muffs the punt return

And just like that, a Broncos mental error takes place. The lack of discipline on this team is amazing. Marvin Mims muffs the punt return, the Jets take over, and turn it into a field goal.

Well hello Jaleel McLaughlin

Undrafted rookie RB Jaleel McLaughlin, playing in place of an injured Javonte Williams, exploded on the first offensive drive with a big gain on a run and then a screen reception for a touchdown. Maybe get this guy more touches?

Russell Wilson forgets where he is

After another punt by the Jets, a deep one that pinned the Broncos inside the five-yard line, 34-year old Russell Wilson, one of the highest played players in the league, decide to act like a rookie. He had plenty of time to make a read and instead allowed the pass rush to come at him and threw the ball away to no one. That’s called intentional grounding, which in the end zone means a safety. 7-5 Broncos, and the Jets now have the ball. Thanks, Russ.

Red zone fail #1

This time, Wilson plays like a vet and gets his team to a first-and-goal inside the five-yard line. A conservative pass followed by two predictable runs leave the unit short of the end zone and are forced to kick. Four points are left on the board. 10-5 Broncos.

Red zone fail #2

The Jets answer with a field goal of their own, but its okay, because the Broncos yet again have a first down inside the 10-yard line! Just kidding. The offense once again looks clueless against the Jets defense, can’t get in, and are forced to kick. Make that eight points left on the board. 13-8 Broncos.

Third quarter follies are right on schedule!

Ah, the second half Broncos...the group that never seems to understand two halves of football. Yeah. The offense contributed three straight three-and-outs followed by a Russell Wilson fumble. The Jets managed 13 points after the Broncos defense let Breece Hall down the field untouched for 72 yards and then allowed two field goals.

Fourth quarter comeback?! Nope

Another three-and-out to open up the fourth quarter was answered by a Jets field goal. The Broncos finally managed a good offensive drive to make the score 24-21. Zach Wilson was then intercepted by Pat Surtain II deep in Broncos territory to give the home team a shot with a little over two minutes remaining. A team with a winning mentality capitalizes on this. The Broncos are not that team. Yet again, Russell Wilson displays terrible QB IQ in not seeing an uncovered linebacker coming at him, did not protect the football on the scramble, got stripped for a fumble-touchdown, and the game is over.

The embarrassment of losing to Nathaniel Hackett

Hackett is a terrible excuse for a coach at any level, and yet this team let him have the last word. The fact that this clown left the field with a smile and undeserved feeling of accomplishment should cause heads to roll. Vance Joseph needs to be fired immediately. Sean Payton needs to hold himself accountable for that. And then any number of players need to be benched or traded, and Russell Wilson needs to get chewed out like the rookie he played like.

Just tank already

It’s clear this team has no belief it can win. No player wearing a Broncos uniform outside of perhaps Marvin Mims, Jaleel McLaughlin, and Pat Surtain II, is earning said uniform. Don’t want to play to win? Then play somewhere else. It’s time for a fire sale to get any and every kind of pick you can get. Don’t BS play your way out of a pick that lands a franchise changer. You don’t want to win, so don’t. Blow it up and start from scratch. This season is a disgrace, might as well embrace it and plan for the future.